Without mentorship, a First Lego League coach's learning curve can be steep. That’s why I started this blog – to help you teach and coach robotics with the quickest path to success!

Did I always plan on coaching robotics? Actually, no. 

Three years ago, my science-loving daughter wanted to form a robotics team. Not having any idea of what that meant, I jumped in full throttle. The first year was quite the learning curve - still, we won a trophy! But something was missing...

Connecting with other coaches changed everything. No longer was I operating in a vacuum. Robotics coaches always seem to be brainstorming about how to make their teams even stronger. But better yet, they share openly with their fellow coaches. 

I threw myself into the FLL Community. I've coached competitive teams to trophies and served as a Tournament Judge. Splurging for certification in Classroom Robotics from the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) added a whole new dynamic to my coaching. 

The difference between today and my rookie year is incredible! Why keep so many tips to myself when they can benefit you too? 

Network with me. Build your team. Have a blast doing it!  

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